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Distance Learning (Internet)
Distance learning is the modern way to study. Our course of naturopathy implies, on average, a 1900 hours total of study. Many institutions and universities around the world now offer distance learning. In the teaching of naturopathy according to the ‘’HYGIONOMISTE’’ approach, online courses allow one to get a solid education without having to travel. We offer the same training program as before, when our courses were only offered on site. But now everything can be done without you having to travel. In addition, our distance learning offers the opportunity to reach a greater number of people interested in the study of naturopathy.

To register, just click the "Click here to register" button on the left-hand side of this window. For information on the content and terms of our courses, one must carefully read this page and the following pages.

How does our distance learning work?

The “Institut de formation naturopathique inc.” believes that distance learning can make the study of naturopathy, health management and trophology accessible in all regions.

Our distance learning is based on high quality educational material divided into five parts and prepared by Guy Bohémier, N.D., IFN president. This material includes:

Part I: Knowledge acquisition in 52 booklets, each accompanied by a multiple choice questionnaire.

Part II: Four exams, one on each of the following subjects: functioning of the human body, pathology, trophology (science of diet) and medical terminology.

Part III: Consolidation of acquired knowledge: 35 essay questions mainly on the content of the booklets.

Part IV: Therapeutic applications by writing an essay on vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Part V: Integration of knowledge involving 35 essay questions on The Art of Health Care.

Educational support ensured by the teacher of the course, throughout the duration of the course.

Online transmission and communication is done in a modern and efficient way. One can communicate with the teacher via email at any time or by phone, , if needed..

Our course format is particularly flexible. By registering in various programs as a regular student. The student has the opportunity to study from anywhere in the world.

The course respects everyone’s pace. The naturopathy course involves, on average, a total of 1,900 hours, that of health management involves, on average, a total of 1,425 hours and that of trophology involves, on average, a total of 475 hours.


Advantages of our distance learning (Internet)

  • The student is guided at all times through each part of the course that they must complete.
  • The programming of the course was designed so that students clearly know everything that they have accomplished and everything that remains to be done to complete the course.
  • Students work at their own pace at all times. They can take all the time they need to study a booklet. They may also return to it at will.
  • When answering a multiple choice questionnaire, students are asked to save it. They may thus change their answers as often as they want before submitting it.
  • When submitting their questionnaires for grading, we specify which questions were answered correctly and which were answered incorrectly.
  • If students do not get a passing mark (60%), they will have to answer an essay question on the subject of the booklet. Students are offered many chances to prove that they have understood the contents of each booklet.
  • Students may at any time communicate with the teacher via email. There is also a possibility to speak with the teacher on the phone if students request it.
  • Unlike on site courses, students do not have to take lecture notes. They have the complete transcript of all courses. They may print them or save them. They may therefore refer back to them at any time.
  • Our distance learning allows students to avoid travelling to attend classes. There is no risk of missing classes and having to wait until the following year to make-up for missed classes.
  • In the case of students who graduate in naturopathy and want to join the ranks of the ‘’Association Internationale de Naturopathie Hygionomiste’’ (AINH)”, all the necessary information will be provided to enable them to fulfill the requirements of this institution.


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